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Cover of my new novel.
Good news everyone! I have a new novel out.

My new novel Cyborg Hunter is now available on Amazon in ebook and paperback! If you love The Expanse and The Mandalorian, you might like Cyborg Hunter. Here’s the story:

CYBORG HUNTER: A former assassin must save his child before pirates turn the boy into a killer cyborg.

Gett spent years as a masked executioner fighting criminals to the death in the arena. After getting fired from his job, he gets divorced, and loses custody of his son. Now he works security on grimy cargo ships in the worst sector of the Spiral Arm Galaxy.

When the notorious pirate Sturge kidnaps Gett’s boy to use as a child soldier, Gett must save his son before he’s turned into a brainwashed cyborg and sent off to certain death.

The odds are terrible. Sturge commands dozens of starships, hundreds of pirates, and an army of child soldiers. Gett has two allies: a bounty hunter with her own agenda, and a cheerful mercenary who loves his work.

On the outside, Gett may look like a broken-down spacer, but inside he’s a desperate father forced to return to what he does best. Kill.


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